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Carol Stacey Steele

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May 28, 2018
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May 28, 2018


Personal Biography:I am a divorced single mother of a seventh-grade daughter. I worked as an insurance broker / independent contractor before an opportunity presented itself, allowing me to change careers and begin doing what has always been my true passion; law. I am a resourceful, ethical and hardworking paralegal. I first thought of contract work as a result of changing family dynamics. I did the research, worked on marketing, etc. and here we are.
Undergraduate Degree:AAS Paralegal Studies
Experience:I have been a certified paralegal since 2009, where I graduated with an A.A.S. in Paralegal Studies. I am an active member of NALS and regularly take CLE courses, as well as LinkedIn learning. I started out in personal injury and have worked in family, contract and probate law since then. I am a very good investigator, which began in my first job when a client evaded being served and our investigators could not find him. I found him in under twelve hours.
I am a resourceful, ethical and hardworking paralegal. I excel at most things, due to an OCD like quality that drives me insane but always benefits others. I have zero tolerance for sloppy work or anything less than one-hundred percent. I have excellent time management, research, organizational and communication skills that make me a great paralegal, because I produce results. I have done contract work for clients in multiple states, and am still utilizing Upwork's platform, where I started independent contract work, until Quick Paralegal Services is off the ground.
Project Preferences:Legal Documents
Client Intake/ Case managment
Awards:• Dean’s List
• President’s List
Language 1:Englsih
Language 1 Skill:Native Speaker

Practice Details

Firm Name:Quick Paralegal Services
Street:801 Shelton Beach Rd. #35
Website:coming soon
Business Description:Quick Paralegal Services has experience with and can assist with the following:

• Litigation
• Discovery (in all legal fields)
• Legal document drafting
• Case management support
• Contracts
• Legal research
• Client intake
• Dictation
• Investigations
• Wills/Estate planning
• Custody situations
• Witness statements or preparation
• Legal transcription
• Medical Summaries
• Marketing
• Personal injury
• Family
• Probate
• Contract law... and more!

So many attorneys work in different legal areas that it can sometimes be difficult so find a paralegal or assistant that can keep up with their demands. When you have an independent contractor working for you who has the knowledge, resources and actual experience with proven results, then an independent contractor might be for you. Contract work is also cost-effective for your law office or firm. Quick Paralegal Services have hourly and fixed price rates that are much more cost effective than a senior paralegal making $50K and above per year. Yet another benefit is independent contractors do not get benefits. These are a few examples. According to research, almost every firm in the world could benefit from using independent contractors. If you have questions, please contact me directly and I will provide you with the answers you desire. I have an excellent working environment with everything needed for legal services support, including:

• Printer, scanner and fax machine
• High speed internet
• Computer/internet security for all incoming and outgoing
files with confidential information
• LexisNexis
• FastCase
• MyCase
• Dictation software
• Access to the Civil Rules and Procedure for every state

I have the software, education, knowledge and skills to ensure your legal service needs.
Location of Work:Freelancer Office Only
Software Available:
LexisNexis, FastCase and MyCase

Fees and Contact Information
Phone:(251) 533-3548
Flat Fees Available
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