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Pegotty C Cooper

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November 17, 2017
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Nov 17, 2017


Personal Biography:I was born and raised in New England and now live in Tampa,Florida with my husband and business partner. After 25 years in the workplace in a variety of executive roles is both non-profit and publicly held corporations, I sought out coach training and left my job to start a full-time coaching practice. And I have never looked back! I work with people in high stress situations like job loss, poor job performance, promotions and divorce to help them to stay on track and focused on making the best decisions under challenging circumstances.
Undergraduate Degree:B.A. Anthropology U.Mass Amherst
Graduate Degree:MBA, Rutgers University
Experience:I am currently on my 4th career: the first career was in the hospitality and meetings industry; the second as an association executive in several different roles; the third as an executive in an international Fortune 500 publicly held corporation; and the fourth as a leadership coach and divorce coach trainer. From each I have taken the best of the experience, to be able to zoom out to look at the whole picture and to think strategically; and to be able to zoom in when necessary to manage the details and support and coach those with specific functional responsibilities.
Project Preferences:In the role of personal divorce coach, supporting clients in getting unstuck and being able to make the best possible decisions for themselves throughout the divorce process based on their particular interests, needs and concerns.

As a Divorce Coach, helping individuals get organized for the process of divorce.

As a divorce coach, helping an individual sort through questions related to the feasibility of divorce for themselves and their family.
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Firm Name:Divorce Coaching Inc.
Street:8729 Bay Pointe Dr.
Business Description:We offer divorce coaching services directly to divorcing individuals. We also train and certify personal divorce coaches who support clients through the rough spots in their divorce and help them to focus on the decisions they are making throughout the divorce process.
Location of Work:Freelancer Office Only

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Billing Info:Charge on a per session or package of sessions basis.
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