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Jenny Kreke

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Court Reporter
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Accepting New Projects
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January 19, 2017
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Jan 19, 2017


Practice Details

Firm Name:Stratos Legal-Court Reporting
City:San Diego
Business Description:Stratos Legal is a nationwide court reporting and record retrieval firm. We employ veteran court reporters who are experienced in all types and phases of litigation. Not only do we provide nationwide deposition services, but we also have real-time reporting, an online deposition repository, HD video conferencing at the desktop level, conference facilities, digital and HD videography, and much more.

Your cases are too important to trust to just any litigation support company. That's why Stratos Legal has taken trial-related assistance to the next level. Critical Support is having competent resources available whenever and wherever you need while using the latest technology to help reduce costs and improve service.
Location of Work:Freelancer Office or Law Firm Office

Fees and Contact Information
Phone:(618) 978-3312