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Jennifer Surface

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July 11, 2016
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May 23, 2017


Personal Biography:I am a licensed investigator specializing in private intelligence services for today's digital world. As a former US Government intelligence specialist (and graduate of Yale and the National Intelligence University), I understand what it takes to find and deliver critical information that answers even seemingly impossible questions.
Undergraduate Degree:BA Political Science, Yale University
Graduate Degree:MS Strategic Intelligence, National Defense University
Experience:Delivering clients "information advantage" for 18 years using tried-and-true investigative techniques combined with cutting-edge analytics.

Practice Details

Firm Name:Jennifer Surface, Private Investigator
City:Long Beach
Business Description:High-caliber investigative services

Vantage Intelligence is a boutique private intelligence firm with world class credentials: elite academic qualifications, deep US Intelligence Community experience, and leading-edge investigative capabilities.

We work with attorneys to:
-PIN-POINT THE LOCATIONS OF HARD-TO-FIND INDIVIDUALS--witnesses, heirs to estates, and fraudsters;

-DISCOVER THE HIDDEN ASSETS of judgment debtors, divorcees, and scam artists so that clients can collect what is owed to them;

-DEVELOP DEEP-DIVE BACKGROUND PROFILES of opponents, expert witnesses, and other individuals key to a case, revealing little known facts and critical insights for competitive advantage.

We have unmatched abilities to sift through an ever-growing digital world to find the small gems of critical information that really matter. We analyze and synthesize high volumes of data, then connect-the-dots to help our clients understand the big picture. We develop insights that others can't because we have the right tools, resources, and know-how.
Location of Work:Depending on Project

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