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Katie Holmes

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December 16, 2015
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Dec 16, 2015


Personal Biography:A little about me... Iím a proud Jayhawk, a University of Kansas graduate with a Bachelor of Science Degree from the William Allen White School of Journalism and Mass Communications. I then worked at various Kansas City advertising agencies for over 8 years in creative, print production and traffic areas Ė proofreading all along the way. I reviewed print materials such as ads, booklets, catalogs, brochures, and websites. I enjoyed being very detail oriented when proofreading copy for spelling, punctuation, and grammar; confirmed all page numbers corresponded to the index; checked that diagrams or tables were not split; verified that titles were consistent in font, size, and position. Iím the annoying friend who has to point out the typo on the restaurantís menu. Itís in my blood.
Undergraduate Degree:Yes
Graduate Degree:No
Experience:I've been proofreading for court reports since July, 2015. This is the perfect fit for me as I can be home with my 10 year old autistic son and still provide financially for my family.

Practice Details

Firm Name:Proofreading By Katie
Business Description:Proofreading for court reporters is my full-time job and Iím available 24/7.

My standard turnaround is 48 hours, but I also proofread in 24 and 12 hour (aka: as soon as possible) time frames.

Please check out my info and rates at

I'll proofread 20 pages for free to see if we are a good fit.

I've also been asked to do summaries of depositions for expert witnesses and I'm in the process of adding this to my list of services - just need to update my website! One dollar per page unless very technical, then $1.10.

Location of Work:Freelancer Office Only

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Billing Info:flexible
per page that is proofread or summarized