Abbreviated List of Suggested Questions to Aid in Assessing Qualifications of an Interpreter

(provided to FreelanceLaw courtesy of NAJIT)




What is your native language?


How far did you go in school in your native country?  What degrees do you hold, and in what subjects?


For how many years have you studied [the target language]?


How much time have you spent in a country where [the target language] is principally spoken?


How long have you worked as a court interpreter?


Have you formally studied court interpreting?


Do you take continuing education classes in court interpreting?


Are you a member of a professional interpreters’ organization?


What/ how many dictionaries, both bilingual and monolingual, do you have or regularly consult?


What language do you normally speak at home?


Do you read magazines, newspapers and books, listen to the radio or music, view television and films in [the target language]?


Are you familiar with the Interpreters’ Code of Ethics [for the jurisdiction in question] or NAJIT?  What are some of the principles of the Code?