Legal Outsourcing Makes Your Life Easier

Legal outsourcing is a process of transferring portions of a law firm's work to independent attorneys, paralegals, and other skilled professionals. You probably already use legal outsourcing, but just didn't realize it. Court reporters, court interpreters, legal translators, and experts are all examples of legal outsourcing, but there is so much more available. Legal outsourcing is becoming more popular among law firms large and small, including many solo practitioners. Legal outsourcing increases cost efficiency, freeing up a lawyer's time to concentrate on the highest value work, it minimizes costs to clients by reducing overall overhead, and with use of highly qualified freelancers, increases work product quality.


Legal outsourcing is the passion of While other companies focus on legal offshoring (outsourcing legal work to foreign providers) or provide general outsourcing (outsourcing of any type of service to any type of company), specializes in connecting U.S. freelance legal professionals with U.S. law firms.


Legal Outsourcing will save you money


Legal outsourcing will save you money while enhancing service quality. .Legal freelancers are independent contractors, so you don't have to provide them with a desk, computer, medical insurance, 401K, or even full-time hours. They work on project-by-project basis, just when you need it, or on a long-term basis if you need that. Fees are negotiated, but for attorneys and paralegals, a common benchmark is 1/3 of the amount you, the law firm, will bill out their services to your clients.

Legal Outsourcing to freelancers broadens your possibilities

Legal outsourcing to freelancers will allow you to access a large pool of highly talented and experienced legal professionals on demand. Whether you need a legal research memo, a motion for summary judgment, discovery requests prepared or responded to, trial preparation assistance, routine document drafting, virtual office support, interpretation or translation services for your law firm, and much more, you will find specifically qualified legal freelancers on to meet your requirements. On-call access to broad pool of legal talents is especially useful for small and solo law firms. Freelance service providers can balance time-work demands with specialized legal talent just when you need it.

Legal outsourcing helps you to be more flexible

Legal outsourcing facilitates tailoring your law firm's capability to respond to client demands and workload, expanding and contracting seemlessly. Legal outsourcing through will help you find the specialist you need, just when you need them, and only for as long as you need them.


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