Save time and money with FreelanceLaw

FreelanceLaw connects law firms with freelance professionals ready and able to help with any projects or work.  Unlike traditional employment agencies, there is no need to commit to a lengthy period of time, nor are you stuck with just anyone the agency sends to you. 

*If you are interested in contracting with a freelance attorney or would like more information, please contact us at and we can help you get started right away. 

*If you would like to view our database of non-attorney freelance legal professionals, please contact us at and we will provide you with a free access login and password.

Who is listed on the FreelanceLaw database? 

Freelance legal professional offering services to U.S. law firms on a project or independent contractor basis are listed on FreelanceLaw, including:

•              Paralegals

•              Secretaries

•              Legal Website developers

•              Blog writers

•              Editors

•              Virtual bookkeepers

•              Legal consultants

•              SEO experts

•              CPAs

•              Mediators

•              Process Servers

•              Investigators

•              Translators / Interpreters

•              Court reporters

•              Expert witnesses

•              Marketing specialists

•              Quickbooks advisers

•              Business coaches

•              Printing service providers

•              Logo design experts

What types of work can be outsourced?

 Anything that helps a law firm start, grow or maintain their businesses -- from virtual bookkeeping services to expert witness services -- can be outsourced to a freelancer.